M.A. In
National Security

Focuses on supporting the professional development of individuals seeking to advance and secure the interests and ideals of the nation.

M.A. In

Focused on the missions, methods, and organizational structure of public and private sector intelligence in the 21st Century.

M.A. In Managing Disruption and Violence

Focuses on the communications aspects of managing the potential or existing disruptive and violent consequences of external group behavior.

Scholar-Practitioner Faculty

We specialize in tailoring graduate degree programs to the specific needs of our students who are serving or seeking a career in the US national security community. Our scholar-practitioner faculty impart and ensure optimum understandings of real world events, and a strong cadre of visiting instructors supplements the classroom experience through simulation and presentation.

Our​ ​Partners

The Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security partners with diverse organizations on a variety of initiatives and projects, enriching our academic environment and promoting the free exchange of ideas.

One of the strongest qualities of DMGS is its faculty. The professors are brilliant practitioners in their respective fields with a true passion for what they do. The teaching is thorough, organized, and practical. Instead of reading dry textbook examples, you learn about the work and operations from the people who experienced them first hand. Unlike many other teaching institutions, DMGS never penalizes students for their opinions or forces them to accept one point of view. As long as your analysis is based on research and you can make logical inferences, you will be marked for your performance. The staff is extremely helpful and the school is an inclusive, welcoming, and stimulating environment. I cannot recommend it enough!
Student Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security
The school’s faculty – scholar practitioners – are truly unique. We are able to learn first-hand from those engaged in current and recent policy debates. Our professors and the guest lecturers provide us with a realistic understanding of both contemporary challenges to US national security and opportunities to advance US strategic interests and values.
Student Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security

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