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Information Technology Services

Below you will find general information on the Department of Information Technology as well as some answers to common requests. We are always reachable at and will respond to requests promptly. We are located at the end of the hallway by the Student Lounge and are open regularly Monday-Friday 9-5pm.

Policies and Procedures

Policy Overview

This procedure applies to all DMGS students, faculty, and staff and to others granted use of DMGS information resources. These procedures govern desktop, network, email, telephone, internet, data security, and software uses of DMGS managed information technology equipment and resources.

Individual units within DMGS may define additional conditions of use for information resources under their control. These statements must be consistent with this overall procedure but may provide additional detail, guidelines, and/or restrictions.

A user of DMGS information technology resources who is found to have violated these procedures will be subject to disciplinary action; loss of information resources privileges; and/or civil or criminal legal action.

Procedures and Protocols

All information technology resources, including computers, networks, and learning management systems, are the sole property of DMGS. They may not be used by any person without the proper authorization from DMGS. Any electronic devices (including but not limited to: personal cell phones, USB drives, personal laptops, and SD cards) either connected to the DMGS network or to DMGS computer equipment is subject to scans and searches at the discretion of the Information Technology Department.

An information technology user who has been authorized to use a password protected account may be subject to both civil and criminal liability if the user discloses the password or otherwise makes the account available to others without permission of the system administrator. Users are required to change passwords as mandated by DMGS.

Information technology users must respect copyrights and licenses to software and other online information. Technology and information resources protected by copyright may not be copied except as expressly permitted by the owner of the copyright or otherwise permitted by copyright law. Technology and information resources may not be copied into, from, or by any DMGS facility or system, except pursuant to a valid license or as otherwise permitted by copyright law. In addition to software, all other copyrighted information (text, images, icons, programs, etc.) retrieved from any technology resources must be used in conformance with applicable copyright and other law.

Examples of Acceptable Use

Copied material must be properly attributed. Plagiarism of information is prohibited in the same way that plagiarism of any other protected work is prohibited.

Information technology users must respect the integrity of computer-based information resources.

In making acceptable use of resources information technology users are expected to:

  • Use resources only for purposes authorized by this procedure;
  • Protect their user ID, password, and resources from unauthorized use;
  • Access only information that is their own, that is publicly available, or to which they have been given authorized access;
  • Be aware of copyright laws as they apply to computer software and other materials that they may access with DMGS information technology resources.
Examples of Unacceptable Use

Unacceptable use of information technology resources may include but is not limited to:

  • Unauthorized use of another person’s system access, user ID, password, files, or data, or giving the use of one’s system, user ID, password to another individual or organization;
  • Attempting to disguise the identity of the account or computer you are using;
  • Attempting to gain unauthorized access to resources and data, including other’s passwords;
  • Attempting to circumvent, subvert, or disable system or network security measures;
  • Knowingly or unknowingly engaging in activities that may lead to disrupting services, including downloading or uploading excessive amounts of data, or printing excessive numbers of copies;
  • Tampering with Audio-Visual (AV) equipment;
  • Intentionally damaging files or making unauthorized modifications to DMGS data;
  • Downloading, making or using illegal copies of copyrighted materials, software, or music; storing such copies on DMGS resources; or transmitting them over DMGS networks;
  • Creation or display of threatening, obscene, racist, sexist, defamatory, or harassing material which is in violation of existing law or DMGS policy;
  • Displaying sexually explicit, lewd, or obscene videos, images, or text either on equipment owned by DMGS, in view of others, or over DMGS network bandwidth;
  • Sending unsolicited advertisements, chain letters, spam mail, etc., to both DMGS individual email accounts and global distribution groups;
  • Connecting unauthorized equipment to DMGS’s network, including but not limited to, routers, personal hubs, switches, and any other personal devices that may result in degrading network performance;
  • Use of the DMGS’s resources or networks for personal profit;
  • Installation of unauthorized hardware or software onto any DMGS owned computer/network (the Information Technology Department or appropriate DMGS authorized personnel is responsible for all installations, requests for exceptions should be sent to the Chief Information Officer); and
  • Connect a personal computer to DMGS’s network unless it meets technical and security standards established by DMGS.

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