Self Help Guides


Printing is done through a web portal, accessed at

  1. At the login prompt enter only your username (i.e. jsmith123), and the same password you use to access your email.
  2. From the left navigation bar, click the   button.
  3. From the Web Print page, click the  button
  4. From the Select a Printer page, select either the 7th Floor Printer or Library Printer. Click the  button.
  5. From the Options page, enter the number of copies and click the  button.
  6. From the the Upload page, drag and drop your document and click the  button.
  7. Go to the printer you selected, swipe your badge, and select the option to print your documents.

Email is accessed through the web portal At this time you cannot setup email on your phone, Outlook, Win10 Mail, or any other e-mail management application.

  1. At the login prompt enter your email address ( and your password.
  2. Your Inbox screen will appear.
  3. To search for People to email, check your Calendar, or manage Tasks click the  icon in the upper left corner.
  4. The Navigation menu appears.