Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security

In the ever-changing political landscape, national security has become the highest priority of many world leaders. We are reminded far too often of the terrorist plots of radical groups, political turmoil leading to violence, foreign powers attempting to impose their will on our allies, and other threats to the rules-based international order. These are the challenges that our graduates will be equipped to confront and solve.

This website offers an overview of the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security’s (DMGS) Master’s programs, certificate programs, facilities, faculty, and the admissions process. At DMGS, you will find our faculty and staff to be a group of exceptional and dedicated professionals working in collaboration toward your success.

We provide an independent learning environment in which faculty and staff deliver responsive academic programs that support the national security community. DMGS offers countless networking opportunities through events such as our Distinguished Lecture Series.

Students and other program participants play a critical role in ensuring that DMGS achieves its objectives and are encouraged to provide feedback to improve the educational experience. Every DMGS student is an integral member of our community.

I invite you to tour our facility located in Washington, D.C. While you are here you will have the opportunity to attend a class, meet with our faculty, and hear firsthand from our students about their experiences at DMGS.

We feel privileged that you would consider attending the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security, and I look forward to meeting you in person.


Abby Moffat

Chairwoman, Board of Trustees