At DMGS, our objective is to assemble a graduate class best able to master academic work, acquire essential knowledge, enjoy classroom discourse, challenge professors and themselves, expand skill sets, publish theses, and establish long-lasting professional relationships.

The environment at the DMGS is professional, intense and serious — yet also fun for those who prosper in a community dedicated to advanced learning.

At the DMGS, work and study promote the field of national security. Students are invested in their coursework because their program is shaped to meet their professional requirements. They are prepared and actively participate in the classroom, and they conduct research with specific purpose to national security issues.

You will need to complete a thesis focusing on a current problem or threat that needs to be solved. The topic has to be relevant and will be chosen in consultation with your adviser/mentor.

A primary focus is for students to form strong bonds that will aid them throughout their careers. DMGS students have respect for each other and their opinions, respect for differences and are courteous and professional at all times. Prejudices, biases and hubris don’t come in the door.

The DMGS student is inquisitive and creative, flexible and self-disciplined, studious and always seeking to learn. They stay optimistic and dedicated to the mission, just like Gen. Daniel Morgan did, regardless of setbacks and disappointments.

The DMGS experience also doesn’t end: our resources (library, professors, staff) are always available for you to use throughout your career, you’ll stay in contact with your fellow students throughout your careers, and we want you to come back and share your experiences and lessons learned with the next generation of DMGS students.

The DMGS Library

As a student at the DMGS, you will have access to its extensive library, which includes thousands of books related to national security:

  • Military Operations and History
  • US and Foreign Intelligence Services and Operations
  • Information operations/propaganda
  • Biographies of policymakers
  • Country/Region Specific studies
  • Soviet Doctrine System and Leadership
  • Islamic Doctrine
  • Various think tank monographs
  • Government manuals/reports
  • Congressional reports/testimony
  • Other Historical Events related to National Security

The Digital Collection

The DMGS library contains almost a quarter-million pages of digitized original documents. The collection consists primarily of declassified documents from the CIA CREST system at the National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Maryland. This collection is supplemented with declassified documents from agencies across the US Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense, and declassified material from the archives of foreign governments.


Students will have access to support staff to assist them in their research. This includes but is not limited to a tutorial on how to search the digital primary source archives as well as the library’s catalog system.

The library will have an expansive network of experts that students may query if they are in need of specialized help. This includes general questions about the best research methods to use while looking into a certain topic as well as subject matter expertise.

Our Location

The Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security (DMGS) is located in the heart of our nation’s capital, Washington, DC.

The DMGS is near the Farragut North Metro Station (Red Line) and a few blocks from the Farragut West Metro Station (Orange, Blue and Silver Lines), making it easily accessible.

1620 L Street, NW
Seventh Floor
Washington, DC 20036

Phone: 202-759-4988

Fax: 202-759-0908



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