The Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security (DMGS)

The Daniel Morgan School of National Security currently offers three certificate programs. These programs are designed specifically to continue or enhance education in specific areas. Students attend the same classes as degree-seeking students, but they take fewer courses and are required to meet different criteria.

National Security Certificate Program

The National Security certificate program examines National Security, Intelligence, and Managing Disruption & Violence (MDV) in the complex environment of the 21st century. The program brings together the essential elements of these three subject areas to give the students a solid understanding of how they form a cohesive, integrated whole.

Terrorism Prevention Certificate Program

The Terrorism Prevention certificate program provides students with an understanding of the roots, motives, and operation of contemporary terrorism, including how terrorism can be challenged and defeated. Students are required to take three courses: Islamic Politics and Terrorism, Operational Capabilities, and Combating Terrorism in the 21st Century.

Law Enforcement Communications Certificate Program

The Law Enforcement Communications Certificate Program is intended for primarily police and other security professionals in government and non-government organizations. The program focuses on communications, reconciliation, intelligence, and psychology primarily in stressful and dangerous situations.