Leave an intellectual legacy to the next generation

The Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security (DMGS) is looking for experienced professionals and veterans of the United States Intelligence and National Security Communities to become part of the DMGS Network. We are seeking leaders who demonstrate the ability to think creatively as they resolve crucial challenges and threats to our national security. Now is your chance to leave a lasting legacy by passing on your knowledge to the next generation charged with protecting and defending the United States and its Constitution.

You can help us by teaching, guest lecturing, mentoring, providing career advice and guidance, reviewing a thesis, donating national security-related books and other materials, finding and encouraging potential graduate students to attend DMGS, donating and raising funds, and in many other ways. We welcome your ideas, advice, and assistance since it will enable DMGS to have a real impact on our country and its place in the world.


Faculty and Adjunct Faculty must live in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and be U.S. citizens in order to teach at DMGS. There is no online or distance training offered at this time.

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