On Monday, DMGS was honored to host a special event featuring the Ambassador of Myanmar to the United States, Aung Lynn. Since he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar in 1983, Ambassador Lynn has had a distinguished career and taken on many senior positions including Director-General of the ASEAN Affairs Department. Touching upon key events and their international implications, Ambassador Lynn explained Myanmar’s perspective on the current situation in Asia to an audience of DMGS students, faculty, and staff.

Ambassador Lynn focused on how Myanmar’s “delicate” location in Asia creates challenges for Myanmar’s foreign policy. He offered historical and geographical background on Myanmar, highlighting Myanmar’s past as a British colony and emphasizing its close proximity to China. Ambassador Lynn also clarified how Myanmar’s policy of positive neutrality and reliance upon the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence have impacted its relations with neighboring countries. He predicted that Myanmar will continue to have an important role in regional politics as it seeks to balance the pursuit of its national interests with efforts to ensure peaceful coexistence among the region’s members.

At the conclusion of his presentation, Ambassador Lynn took the time to give thoughtful answers to listener questions. Afterwards, DMGS students, faculty, and staff had the opportunity to network with Ambassador Lynn and other campus guests while enjoying a catered lunch.