Dr. Edward Mickolus, a member of the Board of Advisors for the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security and the Deborah M. Hixon, Professor of Intelligence Tradecraft, have published a new book under DMGS’ new imprint, Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security Press. The book, Briefing for the Boardroom and the Situation Room: A Brief Guidebook, can be found on Amazon in either paperback or on Kindle. Dr. Mickolus served a 33-year career with the Central Intelligence Agency, has written 30 books, and is the President of Vinyard Software, Inc.

Book Description:

Briefing—a specialized form of public speaking tailored to a powerful audience, such as presidents, CEOs, and generals—requires developing a specific use of skills. In Briefing for the Board Room and the Situation Room, novice and seasoned briefers will explore such issues as:

• How do you get past your nervousness?
• How do you determine the needs of an audience?
• How does the environment affect the likelihood of an effective briefing?
• How do you organize a briefing and otherwise prepare it?
• What makes for an effective handout, graphic, talking point, and visual?
• How should you answer questions?
• How does your personal speaking style affect your effectiveness?
• What should you do after the briefing is over?

This guidebook gives you clear, straightforward tips and techniques to make you a confident, effective briefer who will be invited back by your audiences.

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Praise for Briefing for the Board Room and the Situation Room:

“I loved the book and wish I had it 40 years ago! Very comprehensive and while somewhat slanted towards intelligence briefings (no surprise there), I think it provides valuable information for any setting. It was informative and a pleasure to read. Loved the mnemonic SUCCESS. “Know your audience” is so critical.”
—Robert M. Heffernan, Lt.Col., USAF (Retired), former Command Briefing Officer, HQ 13th AF, who briefed General Norman Schwarzkopf

“Where was this book when I was a young, introverted CIA analyst stumbling over my words? It took me many painful years to learn all of the things covered so well here by Ed Mickolus-from strategies for handling nerves to follow-up after the briefing. Skill at briefing can put your career on the fast track. Lack of skill can sink it even faster. This book is a must-read for anyone who must face a conference table full of VIPs. It will even tell you why your hands are sweating.”
—Susan Hasler, former speechwriter for three Directors of Central Intelligence and author of Intelligence, Project Half Sheep, and The Flat Bureaucrat

“Dr. Mickolus is a sure-footed guide to the techniques for effective oral presentations and careful study of this book will repay the reader many times over.”
—Dr. Michael D. Smith quondam briefer of The President’s Daily Brief