On Monday, Brigadier General Daniel Morgan’s descendants visited Daniel Morgan Graduate School. Mr. Edward Trust, his wife Kim, and their sons Daniel Morgan and Richard Logan were interested in learning more about the school.

VP and Special Counsel Alan Kelly provided history about Brigadier General Daniel Morgan. Abby Moffat, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, talked about the vision that led to the creation of the school. Dr. Steven Meyer, the Interim Dean of Graduate Studies and National Security Program Chair, spoke about the academic curriculum. Mr. Edward Trust presented about Brigadier General Daniel Morgan’s historical quest in the American Revolutionary War.

Mr. Edward Trust and his family gifted a book about Brigadier General Daniel Morgan’s exploits during the war and a binder containing documents from the battle of Cowpens, a pivotal engagement led by Daniel Morgan that served as a turning point in the American reclamation of South Carolina from the British.