Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security (DMGS) was pleased to host a special panel on the Geopolitics of Energy. Topics discussed in the first part of the panel included Trump, NATO and natural gas. The second part of the panel focused on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iran and oil.


Tom Cosentino, Brigadier General, US Army (Retired), Chief Operating Officer of Business Executives for National Security

Dr. Arnold Dupuy with Booz Allen Hamilton

Rula Manasra, President and CEO of Lynx Intelligence and former Director of Regional Security and Government Affairs for the Middle East for Conoco Phillips

Adam Seitz, Senior Researcher and Instructor on the Middle East from Marine Corp University

From Daniel Morgan Graduate School

Ronald A. Marks, M.A.


Colonel Preston McLaughlin was appointed an Associate Professor of National Security to the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security in August 2017. He also currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Aquilae Consulting Services, LLC.  He previously served as the Deputy Program Manager for Operations and Support in the System High Corporation Support Team at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)’s Security & Intelligence Directorate from 2012-2016.


Ronald A. Marks, M.A.


Paul Michael Wihbey is a Research Fellow, Geopolitics of Energy & Natural Resources at the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security. He was born in the US and raised and educated in Montreal. He has honorably served both nations in various capacities,  from leading a Canadian Parliamentary delegation to Lebanon, to energy related war-gaming lectures at the United States Marine Corps University, Command and Staff College, Quantico Virginia.