Our partner organization, the Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI), is offering two of our students seats at its rigorous and competitive 14th Annual PSSI NATO Summer School, in cooperation with NATO Public Diplomacy Division and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. Experts on NATO and security studies – both scholars and practitioners – will gather in Orlík, Czech Republic, to discuss “NATO in the Age of Hybrid Warfare” on July 1-7, 2018. PSSI explains, “The summer school offers a high-profile study course for students of graduate programs in political science, international relations and other relevant fields from NATO’s member and partner countries about future challenges for NATO and the most pressing issues in current security affairs. The six-day course will include lectures, presentations, as well as discussions and a week-long crisis simulation . . . ”

Agenda includes topics such as:

  • NATO in a New Strategic Environment
  • Article V and Hybrid Threats
  • Cyber Security
  • Space Security
  • Transatlantic Partnership
  • Russian Disinformation Campaigns
  • Next Generation of Sanctions: Market-Based Tools
  • Week-long crisis simulation based on topics discussed during lectures

PSSI’s annual NATO Summer School has a distinguished, fourteen-year reputation for excellence and takes about 22-25 graduate students from roughly 12 countries for a one-week, off-site campus experience.  Participants will receive a graduating certificate signed by a senior NATO representative and PSSI’s Chairman. DMGS students who have met our academic requirements will also have the opportunity to attend the Global Horizons 2018: The Oxford Analytica Conference being held on September 19-21, 2018, and featuring Alexander Stubb, former Prime Minister of Finland and current Vice President of the European Investment Bank. Opportunities such as the 14th Annual PSSI NATO Summer School and The Oxford Analytica Conference are regularly made available to our students as we seek to help prepare the next generation of leaders, scholars, and practitioners to develop actionable solutions to global and domestic security challenges.