Julian E. Kulski, a member of DMGS’s Board of Trustees, recently attended the unveiling of a plaque dedicated to his father, Julian S. Kulski, in Warsaw, Poland.  Julian S. Kulski served his country as a soldier in the Polish Legions during World War I, as the deputy of President Stefan Starzynski during the interwar period, and as the commander of the Civil Defense of Warsaw during World War II.

Julian E. Kulski affirmed that he was moved and honored that the Polish state and the capital city of Warsaw had decided to honor his father in this way, “We, together with our sister, hope that – thanks to this plaque and the biography that was recently published – young Poles will learn about Julian Spitoslaw Kulski’s life story and his unwavering spirit.”

National Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz, declared, “It is a great honor, but also greatly moving to be able to unveil today a plaque for one of the greatest but least known heroes of occupied Warsaw. This steadfast, invincible city, has its spirit so beautifully represented by the wonderful life of Julian Spitoslav Kulski. This man had to conceal his heroic struggle for five dramatic years of Nazi occupation, so that the AK (the Polish resistance movement) could exist, so that they could inflict heavy blows upon the occupiers. It was his service, which we must never forget.”

State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jan Dziedziczak, emphasized that Kulski is a hero who took responsibility for Poland at the most difficult of times, “He is a great model for us Poles living in the country to follow, but also a wonderful character of whom we can be proud beyond our borders.”

In recognition of his contribution to the fight for the independence of the Polish state, National Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz presented Julian E. Kulski with an appointment to the rank of major. The ceremony ended with wreaths being laid before the commemoration plaque.