National Security Lecture Series at DMGS

The Daniel Morgan Graduate School Lecture Series is specifically designed to bring together speakers with divergent opinions on national security with the goal of enabling the public to engage in robust and informed discussions. It has hosted some of the most distinguished and influential leaders, thinkers, and practitioners of the national security community. These members of the national security community have provided our students, faculty, and guests with first-rate analysis of some of the most pressing challenges of our time. Daniel Morgan Graduate School will continue to host speakers who can help prepare the next generation of leaders, scholars and, practitioners to develop actionable solutions to global and domestic security challenges.


John Bolton visited DMGS on Wednesday to discuss the Trump Administrations’s foreign policy, drawing on his extensive experience as a diplomat and public servant. Currently a Senior Fellow at American Enterprise Institute, John Bolton is an attorney who served in several senior posts in the US government, including Assistant Administrator for Program and Policy Coordination at the U.S. Agency for International Development, Assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice, and Assistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs at the Department of State. Ambassador Bolton has a BA from Yale University and a JD from Yale Law School.

“The way that the Trump administration is addressing these challenges will have a significant impact for a long time to come,” Bolton began. “Many of the challenges and problems that he has to deal with are ‘due-bills’ from the inactions of previous administrations that are coming due on his watch, not problems that arose from his policies as would be the case for any new president.” Bolton contends that the two most immediate national security challenges facing the Trump administration are the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction from nations such as Iran and North Korea and the continuing threat of terrorism. “If a country as desperately poor as North Korea . . . can develop deliverable nuclear weapons, that is a signal that anyone can deliver nuclear weapons,” he explains. Bolton views Russia and India as representing significant but less immediate challenges to U.S. national security. He acknowledges that this is “a forced simplification of a complex world” but maintains that understanding these issues will be crucial to protecting U.S. national security.

John Bolton took the time to engage with the audience after his presentation taking questions on a wide range of national security issues. After the event, DMGS students, faculty, and staff had the opportunity to network with John Bolton and other campus visitors at a special luncheon.