Event Date: Apr 19, 2018


DMGS was pleased to host Retired Special Agent Gary Rohen who discussed the Alt-Right, its origins, development, and current status, culminating with a discussion of the Charlottesville incident. Rohen’s twenty-six years of experience in the FBI make him a valuable contributor to our Distinguished Speaker Series, which has hosted some of the most distinguished and influential leaders to the national security community with the purpose of preparing the next generation of national security leaders.

National Security Lecture Series at DMGS

The Daniel Morgan Graduate School Lecture Series is specifically designed to bring together speakers with divergent opinions on national security with the goal of enabling the public to engage in robust and informed discussions. It has hosted some of the most distinguished and influential leaders, thinkers, and practitioners of the national security community. These members of the national security community have provided our students, faculty, and guests with first-rate analysis of some of the most pressing challenges of our time. Daniel Morgan Graduate School will continue to host speakers who can help prepare the next generation of leaders, scholars and, practitioners to develop actionable solutions to global and domestic security challenges.

Speaker Bio

Gary Rohen served 26 years in the FBI. His assignments include Program manager of FBI Violent Crimes Task Forces; Chief, FBI National Threat Center; and Inspector in Charge, Iraq War Crimes Task Force. Mr. Rohen also served 40 years Active and Reserve in US Army Special Forces, retiring as a Colonel. The following are some of the highlights of his military career: MACV- SOG (Military Assistance Command – Studies and Observations Group) (CCN Recon) Vietnam – 5th Special Forces Group, West Point Liaison Officer, US Special Operations Command, US Army Office of Military Support.