Daniel Morgan Graduate School (DMGS) Vice President of Development and Implementation, Dr. Thomas Cynkin was interviewed by The Cipher Brief to discuss the worsening relationship between China and Japan. Questions they asked Dr. Cynkin were:

  • Given the LDP’s current supermajority, what is the likelihood of Japan amending Article 9 of the constitution?
  • PM Shinzo Abe just appointed a new Defense Minister who is known to be a hawk, how do you foresee this affecting China-Japan relations?
  • Japan recently released its 2016 Defense White Paper which focuses in large part on China. China has labeled the document as overly hostile. Why does China see the document as provocative?
  • 2016 has seen increased fighter jet sorties by both countries over the East China Sea. What is the rationale for each side to conduct such flights?
  • Are there any other dynamics in either China or Japan that you think play a role in the bilateral relationship?

Read his answers to these questions