Once a month on Thursdays, students at the Daniel Morgan Graduate School (DMGS) enjoy Tea Time with Jackie Linde, an opportunity to gain career planning insight and assistance from an expert career coach in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying tea and other refreshments. Jackie draws on her years of experience in career management consultancy offering clients one-on-one counseling on professional development to help students formulate their own career development strategies. 

During the most recent Tea Time that occurred on September 27, students voted to continue having Tea Times once a month in order to continue building community spirit. Students presented on numerous events and professional associations from which our students can benefit including Young Professionals in Foreign Affairs and the Association for Retired Foreign Policy Professionals. The meeting also launched a new career opportunities email address accessible a success@dmgs.org.

Jackie continues to be instrumental in advising our students on how to optimize and take advantage of the many high-profile events and presentations that occur at DMGS so that they can become valuable networking opportunities.