Throughout 2016, Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security (DMGS) has had the incredible opportunity to host some of the most distinguished and influential thinkers, leaders, and practitioners as part of our National Security Lecture Series. While audio and video recordings of each lecture are available, DMGS is pleased to announce a new series of publications adapted from these extraordinary presentations – the 2016 Distinguished Speakers Collection.

As a compendium, these lectures address a host of national security challenges, past, present, and future. This collection is a small, but powerful example of graduate education at Daniel Morgan.

Read all of the lectures here, or select them individually below.

Circle of Treason: Aldrich Ames and the CIA
Sandra Grimes
Former Directorate of Operations Officer, CIA

Adolf Tolkachev: The Billion Dollar Spy
David E. Hoffman
Author and Contributing Editor, The Washington Post

Playing Chess with Putin
Dr. Leon Aron
Resident Scholar and Director of Russian Studies, AEI

Inside Jihad
Dr. Tawfik Hamid
Islamic thinker, reformer, and former Islamic extremist

Negotiations Are Not Capitulation
Ambassador Joseph R. DeTrani
President, Daniel Morgan Graduate School

National Security and the Media
JJ Green
National Security Correspondent, WTOP Radio

Countering WMD: The Libyan Experience
Ambassador Robert G. Joseph
Former Special Envoy for Nuclear Non-Proliferation

Uphill Battle: Reflections on Vietnam Counterinsurgency
Frank Scotton
Former Assistant Director, US Information Agency

Expectation of Privacy in the Digital Age
Terry Roberts
Former Deputy Director, Naval Intelligence

David SheddIntelligence Challenges in a Volatile World
David Shedd
Former Acting Director, Defense Intelligence Agency

The Cold War Never Really Ended
JJ Green
National Security Correspondent, WTOP Radio