What is YOUR Lasting Legacy for the Next Generation – Our Country’s Future?

The Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security is continually seeking select donations of intelligence-related books and other material to enhance our research library for our students—those who are serving or who wish to serve in the United States national security and intelligence communities. Your gifts to DMGS enhance our existing collection and support a commitment to excellence in research and instruction. Your books are treated with professionalism and respect, and are a resource not only for our students, but also our alumni and other professionals and leaders working in the intelligence and national security communities. In addition, all DMGS affiliates are encouraged to bring to the attention of library staff any instances when the collections of accomplished colleagues, practitioners, or scholars may be available for donation or accession as intact collections. Such acquisitions reflect the unique intellectual interests and acumen of the donor, and provide students with access to otherwise rare sources of knowledge.

The following guidelines should be reviewed before contacting us regarding a prospective donation:

In most cases, the Library cannot accept the following types of documents:

  • Items that violate copyright
  • Textbooks
  • Instruction manuals
  • Newspapers
  • Popular magazines
  • Neglected books
  • Photocopies or self-published works
  • Computer software

Topics of interest to DMGS include:

  • Intelligence and Counterintelligence
  • Terrorism and Counterterrorism
  • Espionage
  • Foreign Intelligence Services
  • US National Security and Military Operations
  • Threat doctrine
  • Foreign Policy
  • Country and Regional Studies
In order to ensure that donated materials are both relevant and adequately unique, all donors are required to provide an itemized inventory of the proposed donation so that titles can be evaluated by library staff against current holdings. All donations are coordinated by the DMGS Library Director who can be contacted at white@dmgs.org.

Upon acceptance, all donations are irrevocable and become the property of the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security. The decision to include materials in the library collection rests solely with DMGS; we reserve the right to dispose of non-retained items in an appropriate manner, and no restrictions may be placed by the prospective donor on the disposition and use of the material offered.

In most cases the donor assumes the cost and responsibility of transporting materials to DMGS, however, exceptions can be made depending on the size, relevance and/or location of the donation.

A custom bookplate will be placed in each of your books listing your service to our country as well as your words of wisdom—leaving a lasting message and remembrance to future generations as they read and use your book.

The Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security is a non-profit organization, so book donations are tax-deductible.  While we are not authorized to provide appraisals or valuations for donations, all donors are issued a receipt for tax purposes listing the item count of the donation.